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Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School pupils compete in Dragons’ Den style event

On Thursday 1 December 2016, Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School visited Croda’s headquarters Cowick Hall. Students had previously enjoyed a visit from Croda ambassadors Clare Liptrot and Katie Eveson,  to complete the Fun with Foam activity. The class then worked hard over the following few weeks, using their new science skills, to produce their own bubble bath formulations and advertising campaigns.

On the day of the visit students had the opportunity to present their products and campaigns to a panel of Croda ambassadors in a Dragons’ Den style event. Resident Dragons – Jen Ward, Olivia Lennon-Butler and Chris Wells – thoroughly enjoyed listening to the campaigns, testing products and giving awards to the top bubble bath formulations.

Whilst at Cowick, students also enjoyed a tour of the Personal Care labs by Grant Mitchell who told the students lots of information about Croda, the products made and tests that are carried out. Students thoroughly enjoyed wearing lab coats and glasses whilst on the lab tour and had lots of questions for the scientists in the lab.

Croda ambassadors had just as much fun as the students and are looking forward to future visits with Hatfield Woodhouse!

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