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This is the Key Stage 2 section, with activities designed for children aged 7 to 11.

Follow the links below to interactive activites based on our four Croda based topics:

Fleece to Grease, Safe in the Sun, Fun with Foam and Science Friction

Each topic has classroom and web-based practical activities. The resources are designed to fit with the current science curriculum and focus on scientific enquiry, teamwork and problem solving.

Fun with Foam

Find out why foam can be good or bad.

Try different ways to make foam.

Use the best way to compare different bath foams and help us choose the best one!

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Fleece to Grease

Sheep naturally produce a grease in their wool.

Find out why this grease is so important to us and how we turn it into products!

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Safe in the Sun

Do you know why it is important to stay safe in the sun?

Find out how we make ingredients for sun screens work so well!

Have a go yourself!

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